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 Monsters do also have a taste for art - Alexander

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IndlægEmne: Monsters do also have a taste for art - Alexander   Fre okt 20, 2017 4:48 am

Place: A museum in Etermis
Surroundings: The rich and noble amoung art and architecture of all sorts.
Weather: Sunny day
Time: 12:30 in the day.
Topic to @Alexander
Outfit Click here

She sat in a chair at the museum. Now with her ring that could shield her from the burning rays of the sun, nothing was keeping her inside. She remembered what it was like being stuck inside half of the day. Most of the time, she would sleep - Not that vampires like her slept, but she would manage to pass out till night and lose track of time. All the madness that followed losing the light of day, made her feel like time was neverending. Rather depressing, but yet so safe.
But it wasnt a problem anymore after her now dead husband got her the special ring that would remove all those endless nights. Lavender had few things in life to be thankful of, her husband's odd way of being her helping hand was one of them. She was all caught up in her mind, spinning the ring around her ringfinger as she became blind to her surroudings. The noise of a little girl nagging her mother made her look up from the ring and stop her spinning.
She let out a quiet sigh, what a little brat that girl was. "Mum, I want the candy from the store! I want it now!" the little squeaky voice pierced the otherwise soothing atmosphere of the museum. If there was something that could annoy Lavender, it would be unwanted disturbances. She leaned back on the bench, eyeing the kid with angry eyes till they disappeared into another room. She wanted to speak, just a slight mumble to herself, but anything that would reveal the all too visible fangs would break her neatly build up cover.
She got on her feet and moved down the hall, opposite ways of the mother and her child, into a room of human - Figuratively speaking. Skeletons were placed in glass chambers for people to look at. Lavender went to a sketch of something that reminded her of the boring books that her husband enjoyed. "What's so interesting about bone marrow?" she thought out loud in a mumble.

// Short start. But SURPRISE!!!!!
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IndlægEmne: Re: Monsters do also have a taste for art - Alexander   Fre okt 20, 2017 8:37 pm

Today wasn't special, it was just like any other, visiting museums and points of interest in this city was a regular thing for him, there was plenty of art and knowledge to be discovered, Though this place didn't offer him anything he didn't already know, but he could appreciate it as art nonetheless. On the way in he read the paper they were selling by the entrance. "Another heinous murder taken place in the district" apparently the person behind it had gotten more attention lately seeing as they had nothing to go on apart from how the victims were displayed. Gives him a slight smirk as he leaves it behind and continues in the museum. He usually kept to himself when it came to places like this, he knew more than the people in charge of this place anyway and the chance of finding someone with a high enough intellectual value to speak to was low. The anatomy part of the museum is where he kept himself today, like mentioned he knew all there was to know here but the architecture of the human body was still amazing, one of the greatest works of art to exist. And besides, it was nice to be inspired for his engagement later this week.

He has his back to the door but he heard when someone walked in but didn't turn around, he was fixated at a large femur display. That was until he heard what she said out loud, fitting, he turned his head to give her a quick look before returning to his display. "Well, apart from it being essential to the rest of the body, i figured someone like you would know what it's good for..." He smirks as he says it, still eyeing the femur bone. There was no doubt in his mind, he knew what she was, after that quick glance at her he got the information he needed. A vampire out in public in Etermia, that wasn't particularly common, and at a museum no less. Could be a worthy creature to talk to, depending on how old she was, she had to be more intellectual than the rest of the dregs around here. Seeing as there was no one else in the room but them, he spoke more plainly "You can relax, nothing wrong with whatever you're going for, just not the first time I've seen one of those rings.." Someone close to him had a similar one, different ornate to the ring, but same white stone, hard to forget. She seemed to be sketching the skeleton centered in the room, so he approached her with a calm walk, looking at the display. "What brings you here Ms. ?" Wouldn't hurt to check her out, if she wasn't interesting he could just move on anyway.
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Monsters do also have a taste for art - Alexander
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