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 An unexpected visit - Nicholas

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IndlægEmne: An unexpected visit - Nicholas   Fre okt 06, 2017 3:32 am

Place: Nicholas' residence
Time: Late evening, date will be fixed
Weather: Cloudy evening, after sundown
Surroundings: N/A
Outfit: Described
Topic dedicated to: @Nicholas

Never in his life had Jonathan imaged such tiny feet move at such a hasty pace. Lucia was determined, even though she had no idea where to go. Once in a while Jonathan would correct her direction, just to make sure that she wouldn’t end up getting lost or lose track. He couldn’t help but smile. She didn’t seem to mind all the dirt and the unfortunate fate of the poor that was lingering in every street they passed. He had tried to talk her out of it, fearing that she wouldn’t be ready to see any of it, but nothing could change her mind.
She had carefully picked out a nice red long dress that her father had sewn for her, roses down the left side into a small puffy tutu – Such elegance, which was noticed by people around the street. Jonathan was wearing his typical attire, a clean white shirt with some dark grey pants. Casual but classy at the same time. His jacket was keeping him warm, even though warmth for him wasn’t needed, but more of a luxury.
When they arrived at the door, she demanded for him to let her hand go, then lifted her now free but small hand to knock on the door. Trying her best to make it as audible as possible. In her other hand, she was holding a small package. A huge smile was on her face, she couldn’t hide the excitement that she had built up for this. When the door opened, she jumped him, wrapping her arms around his stomach, before gravity forced her down on her feet, to hug his legs, “Mr. Doctor Dunham!” she exclaimed with such joy, it made Jonathan chuckle.
Im so so sorry. She demanded that we’d come see you.” he excused with a slight smile on his face. Lucia turned her head to Jonathan shortly before sticking her tongue out at him. “Of course we have to come visit. Thats why I made the gift, silly...” she simply said before letting go of Nicholas. Then she just walked in, to sit on the sofa. The package was placed on her lap and she looked around with a slight smile on her face.
Jonathan shook his head as he rubbed his neck:” She can be quite stubborn. Once she decides to do something, it’s practically impossible to make her change her mind,” he said, looking in at Lucia who was sitting on the sofa with a smile on her face. “Its good to see you, though. See that you’re well,” he then remarked, shortly pinching his eyes at him. He was mostly referring to the fact that he hadn’t changed yet, still being the same human from before, which Jonathan seemed to appreciate.

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IndlægEmne: Re: An unexpected visit - Nicholas   Fre okt 06, 2017 3:34 am

Nicholas was in his lab, doing a check on all his equipment, making sure it was cleaned, noting down if something was damaged and what he was missing. It was getting late so didn't start anything up to make stuff he needed, nor could he go out to his suppliers at this hour, so he noted down what needed to be done for another time. Besides, he couldn't be gone from Lucile for too long, that just wouldn't do. When he's done taking notes he heads back upstairs and places the notebook on the table in his studies, looking at another book placed there. A book on vampirsim, maybe he should make a trip to Jonathan, tell him the news, both of them actually. But then he hears a knock on his door, more faint than the usual knocks he got. Maybe it was someone wounded lacking the energy?

He rushed over to the door, expecting an emergency, but what he got was a wonderful surprise. When Lucia jumps on him it catches him off guard, but as soon as he connects who they are he lets off a chuckle as he places a hand on her head and back. "Heeey princess, It's good to see you!" He says in a very cheerful voice, while nodding to John with the smile still on his face. It was really good seeing them again. It lifted his spirits, made him more calm, forgetting about the future. "Don't be sorry" He says while laughing, then looking at Lucia. "You are always welcome here princess!" He says with joy in his voice, then looks up at John and joins her teasing of him "And i guess you are too" he says with a smirk on his face. Then recognizes what she said. "A gift huh? interesting" he says with a tone making him sound curious. As she walks past him he smiles as his eyes follow her to the sofa, giving her a wink before turning to John. "Hah, yea i know someone like that" He says with a smile, looking at her, thinking about Lucile as he said it. Lucia did remind him of her, both looks and personality, he found it quite sweet. "Yeah, i was actually thinking of coming to you just now, so this couldn't be more convenient" He says, letting a chuckle at the end. He could tell he was looking him over, which he found funny, because he knew why. "Relax, I'm still human.. you'll be happy to know Lucile talked me out of it.." He said with a light grin on his face. John would probably appreciate that, after the effort he put in trying to change his mind.
"I have some very exciting news as well for you, but i think I'll wait a bit first" He says with teasing voice, winking at him before walking over to Lucia and crouching down to her level. "That's a beautiful dress you have there, perfect fit for a princess" He says cheerfully. having Lucia here meant a lot to him, In the short time he had known her he ad made some sort of connection with her, almost like he was her uncle or something similar, he definitely considered her family, along with John of course.
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IndlægEmne: Re: An unexpected visit - Nicholas   Yesterday at 4:55 am

They were both happy to see Nicholas again. Even though they hadn’t known each other for long, Lucia definitely knew that they had some sort of connection. Therefore, it was only obvious that she had to sought it out and strengthen it. Jonathan scoffed in a smile at his tease. “Always so witty,” he then said.
When Nicholas assured that he was still human, Jonathan smiled in a satisfied manner. He nodded approvingly of this Lucile, she seemed like a good person. “The girl from the lab? Ah, yeah I remember her. I would like to meet her some day. After all, I have never seen someone love another person like you love her.” he said, the last part being a tease but also a compliment. The talk about exciting news sparked his curiosity. What could these news be? He stood by the door, dwelling over the possible news that could be told.
As he crouched down to her and complimented her dress, she chuckled with a big smile on her face:” But I’m not a princess. I’m just Lucia!” she said, even though the tone indicated that she really liked being called a princess. Then she picked up the gift and held it out for him to take. In it, three bracelets lied. Lucia clenched her teeth in excitement as she looked down in the box:” I made them for you.. The big one is for you, and the two others are for your wife and child.. They’re magical… They can take all worries away. Like I can!” she said with a proud tone.
She just assumed that he must have had a wife and child, how else could someone be so nice? Jonathan shook his head as he stepped in:” How do you even know if he has a child?” he asked with a silly voice. Lucia turned to him and pouted:” Dont be silly, silly. It makes sense that he would have a child, because he's so nice!” she just then stated with a serious voice. Then she turned her face to Nicholas for an answer. She pinched her eyes as she waited for him to agree with her.
Jonathan however stepped in and sat down beside her. “I’m sure Doctor Dunham will have a lot of children. Maybe you’d end up being friends with them too.” he said to her, to which she smiled widely:” Of course. Good friends. But his name is Mr. Doctor Dunham, Mr Jonathan.” she corrected him. Jonathan just shook his head and apologized in a happy tone, “My bad. You’re right Lucia.”
She took out the biggest bracelet and fastened it carefully around his wrist:” You wear it every time you’re worried… Like now..” she said as she looked at his wrist. One of her traits was that with her ability, she had a good sense of picking up feelings. They were emitting around people like visible auras. She looked up at him and smiled lightly:” It will use it’s magic to eat up the worry. It will help the happy feeling that you also have” she then said in a happy tone. The truth of the bracelets was that they didn’t really do anything at all. But Lucia had convinced herself that she had made something that could be of use.

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IndlægEmne: Re: An unexpected visit - Nicholas   Yesterday at 6:40 pm

It made him smile when he heard John wanted to meet Lucile, he was sure he would like her. "Hah, yeah you will, maybe sooner than you think.." He said with a cryptic voice. As he had crouched down he listened to what Lucia had to say, he responded. "That is true, but i for one think you should be the princess of this city, there is no one more fitting" He said with a happy tone, smiling at her as his look moved to the package she handed him. "Whats this? For me?" he says curiously as he opens the box to find 3 bracelets. And before he could ask she explained it to him, and as soon as she said child, he looked up at her with a confused look. How did she know about their child? But he waited before asking anything. The fact that she made these for them melted his heart, almost bringing tears to his eyes. "Thank you.." He said with a sweet voice as he gave her a quick hug. "I'm afraid i don't have anything to give you back right now, be rest assured, next time i see you i will have something for you!" He said in a cheerful yet serious manner.

When John asked how she knew, it made Nicholas smile, then he heard her explain it and he just kinda nodded his head up and down with half a smile on his face. "Very perceptive this one" He said with an impressed voice before looking back at John. "Well.. I guess the secret's out.. That was the news.. Lucile is pregnant." He said with a giant smile from ear to ear, it felt so nice saying it out loud, they had agreed to keep it a secret for everyone, but telling John and Lucia wouldn't be a problem, especially seeing as trustworthy as they were. Besides, he couldn't keep that secret from family. Then he turned back to Lucia "But don't tell anyone, we are keeping it as a surprise for other people ok?" He said with a calm yet serious voice. He liked what John said, making friends with his children would be nice. And as she corrected him it made him laugh, he loved the way she said his name, it was so adorable to him. "She's got you there John." He said in a teasingly way. Then he turned his attention back to Lucia "That means you can be like a big sister to them when they arrive. I'm sure they would love that." he said with such joy in his heart. the thought of it made him really happy. When she put the bracelet on him he did actually feel a lot better, not because they were working, but because the fact that she made them and put so much effort into making him feel better. He managed to forget the worries he had for a while now.
He had even decided that he would never take it off now. He would cherish it for as long as he could. "Thank you again princess.." He said with an emotional voice. Kissing her on top of the head as he stood up. Placing the package on the table. "I will make sure they get the bracelets from you" He said, smiling at her as he said it. Thinking back he could say without a doubt it was the best gift he had ever gotten from anyone. He was already excited to show Lucile the bracelets as well, he was sure she would love them. Then he looks at John with a more serious look. "I need to talk to you for a moment later if you have time." He said with a serious voice. He had to talk to him about what laid ahead for them. But before he had to put the mood down with the future, he wanted to spend more time with Lucia.
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IndlægEmne: Re: An unexpected visit - Nicholas   

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An unexpected visit - Nicholas
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